Euro Fantasy Team Tips – The FFGeek Team Draft 2 |

Here’s our Euro Fantasy Team Tips with the FFGeek team draft 2. I talk through the team and who’s in and who’s not plus my Chip Strategy

Euro Fantasy Team Tips – The FFGeek Team Draft 2

We’ll be doing a load of articles for the Euro 2020 fantasy here. Here’s the link to the site

There’s a FFGeek league use the league code 49KWOPI907 to copy and paste into the join league section

Also see my article on the rules


My Chip Strategy determines the team

So if you’ve read the rules article then you’ll know that their are 2 chips. Those are the limitless chip and the wildcard chip. Limitless means you can make unlimited transfers with no budget restrictions for 1 matchday. The Wildcard is as it is in FPL.

Rightly or wrongly I’ve decided I will use the limitless and the wildcard in Matchday 2 and Matchday 3 respectively. I have seen theories about just deciding on the wildcard for MD3 once you’ve seen how things lineup but I’m keen to get the points on the board and hope to deal with the knockouts on free transfers.

So the team you will see is a team set up for Matchday 1 only. I have not had the slightest thought about Matchday 2 or 3 and will deal with those via the chips

The Bookies to win odds for Matchday 1

If you read my FPL articles you’ll know that I don’t really pay much attention to the European Leagues.

Judging by some of the pronunciation I’ve seen by people doing teams then I’m not alone in this. So I’ve turned to the bookies to help me.

My Matchday 1 team is based mainly on the Anytime Goalscorer odds and the Clean Sheet odds. Obviously anytime goalscorer odds discounts assists but I’ve just decided to take that on board on a discretionary basis

Here’s the new draft team


As I said above I’ve generally tried to pick players with the best Clean Sheet odds and Anytime Goalscorer odds for Matchday 1 only as I have decided in advance I will use the limitless Chip MD2 and the Wildcard MD3. Budget means there are compromises.

As you can manually substitute players I’ve put the Portugal players last as they play on day 5 of Matchday 1

I’ve got captains for each day of Matchday 1 although I’ve limited myself to 2 premium captains in Lewandoski and Ronaldo. I ‘ve seen many a team with 3 premiums.

My defence is cheap and I’ve possibly spent too much in midfield but for the moment it’s the team. I could try and spread out the money a bit better.

The odds

Euro Fantasy Team Tips

Who’s missed out?


There’s a ton of premium forwards so I won’t go through them. I went for the 2 best ATGS odds and have decided to keep my premiums to 2.


In midfield the main miss is Eriksen who’s also £2.62 ATGS but a bit more expensive at £9.0m so I couldn’t really fit him in. He would be handy as day 2 captain if you don’t have a Belgium player

Chiesa for Italy at £3.20 ATGS is £7.0m for Italy so would save £1.5m on Insigne


Italy at £1.83 CS odds are a big miss but I just can’t afford the minimum £5.5m needed for say Bonucci unless I sacrifice elsewhere

Poland is £2.05 with Bednarek and Bereszynski at £4.5m although neither started in the first friendly although neither did Lewandoski so maybe not significant.

Who of the FFGeek Team has started the friendlies?

Everyone has started the friendlies so far as I write this on Saturday morning except:

Lewandoski – no worries there

Insigne – didn’t start the first but started the 2nd game – again now worries for me

Hradecky – didn’t start the first game but started the 2nd as captain. From what I read it seems like he will start

Note: Alaba seemingly played as a wingback rather than as an advanced mid but he’s just budget and fixture driven so I’m relaxed whatever.

Captain Plan

Day 1 – Insigne

Day 2 – Kjaer

Day 3 – Kalajdzic

Day 4 – Lewandoski

Day 5 – Ronaldo

The issue I have here is that Eriksen would be a good day 2 captain and I have spent money on Jota and F Torres who clash with Ronaldo and Lewandoski respectively so maybe things need to change there

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