Fantasy Premier League GW25 teams – 2 FFG Contributors pt 2 |

Here’s another article where 2  FFGeek Contributors show their Fantasy Premier League GW25 teams.   There’s Andrew Whitfield who’s activated his wildcard and Costas Chari

Fantasy Premier League GW25 teams – 2 FFGeek Contributors teams including a wildcard part 2

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Please note this article was written before any rearranged fixture announcements were made

This is part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It won’t cover transfers in real time either. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.  The teams are shown as their “final-ish” teams so they could change.  Where they have twitter accounts I have shown this and they may update them there or on our Slack Channel which is part of our subscription Patreon site but this is not guaranteed

See part 1 of the FFGeek Contributors teams here

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 132k last season and 6k in 18/19 and 19k in 17/18

GW24 points: 89   (FPL average 61) Total points: 1,554, Overall Rank: 52k, no rank movement.  Team Value: £105.6m

 Andrew has used his Free Hit Chip and Triple Captain Chip

This week he has activated his wildcard

Follow Andrew on twitter here

Here’s Andrew’s points from DGW24:

– Well an eventful extended gameweek, with Man City marching on at the top, Aubamayang putting Leeds to the sword with a hat trick, Gundogan winning the battle of the popular captains, Matt Lowton scoring his first goal for eight years to be the real gem of the week, and Martinez outscoring Pope from one game less.

My GW24 score and rank:

– 89 points turned out to be “an ok week”. A 32 point captain haul was the highlight, but only 6/11 returners meant it felt like an underwhelming week with a couple of calls not working out as they might have done. My only other double figure score was my double gameweek keeper.

– But the good news I escaped with the smallest of green arrows, that’s now 16/18 green arrow weeks. I held rank at 52k and that’s a good place to be as we approach some vital weeks, including a big double gameweek. I have actually activated my wildcard. But more on that later.

My GW24 talking points:

– Captain Gundogan was a great boost in what has been a tricky run of captain scores. I was going to say it proves the benefits of going with a double gameweek player over Bruno Fernandes who had one great fixture. But Gundogan only played once !! A sensational game v Spurs. Unfortunate he picked up an injury or who knows what he might have scored. He looked amazing. I am likely to hold as the injury appears minor at time of writing. I can cover him in GW25 as long as he is back for GW26.

– We never expected Man City defenders to emerge from a double gameweek with single figure scores. As a Dias owner, I lost out on the one clean sheet, so small gains to Stones owners who missed out on the blank !! I am happy to stick with the double city defence including Cancelo and play them both most weeks. Four goals conceded in sixteen games is incredible !!

– I had a number of ways to cover the Burnley defence for their double gameweek. Just one clean sheet from two for Burnley too. I never really considered Lowton who proved to be the gameweek changer !!! I could have stuck with Martinez and gone with Mee. Instead I went Pope and played Coufal. I lost out by only 2 points. As a Martinez owner since GW9, it was strange willing him to concede. But at least Pope just about matched him.

– Where I could have made gains was my “one week only” striker punt, as I had a transfer to burn ahead of my wildcard. I could have gone Richarlison who scored. I could have gone Ings who scored. Instead I went Cavani who never really came close at West Brom. The baggies had a number of previous heavy losses on their own patch so happy with the decision if not the outcome. Either Ings or Richarlison probably the difference between an ok week and a good week.

– Finally, a word on Mr Soucek. He has graced my first bench spot with distinction this season, landing some damaging scores. He hasn’t performed with the same gusto when in my starting eleven. I feared another drubbing from first sub. He came in for the injured Antonio and duly blanked. It’s been an adventure. Maybe we will meet again before the season is out. He is a casualty and becomes Raphina this week as part of my Leeds double gameweek planning.

So what next:

– Firstly, I am writing this BEFORE the expected announcement of the GW26 double gameweek fixtures. So by the time you read this, they might be released and therefore my plans below will change….

– Well we are now entering into a big phase of the season, where we look like having three consecutive double gameweeks, followed by a big blank week on cup quarter final day. Everyone will have different views, different strategies, and there is no magic formula that fits everyone’s team. I hope you find a way to navigate through the upcoming FPL jungle.

My wildcard is active:

– I have activated my wildcard so there is no turning back now !!! I was set on the strategy, with a GW26 bench boost to follow. I have beaten a few price rises going early, I even managed to cheekily sell Son before a price drop and buy him back 0.1M cheaper.

– The “obvious problem” we all have is the displaced games from cup quarter final day which should be resulting in a large number of teams playing twice in GW26, but generally speaking, they don’t then play in GW29. So preparing for one directly impedes the other. I am hoping that Villa and Spurs are the exception once fixtures are confirmed. That will make the transition between GW26 and GW29 so much easier if owning players from these teams ticks both boxes.

– My wildcard team will definitely change up to the Friday deadline. It’s very much subject to regular change. I will tweet my final team before the deadline. I can see a lot of last minute pondering.

The outline plan:

– If all goes to plan, my GW25 wildcard will set me up with 5 players who have a double in GW25, then 13 players who double in GW26, where I will bench boost, and come out of GW26 with 7 players who play in the blank GW29, allowing free transfers to get me virtually a full team in GW29, whilst having a team at that stage which is hopefully strong enough to compete with the GW30 wildcarders who will be rebuilding their way out of this tricky phase. That’s the plan.

– Bear I mind that if we are planning to hold Salah, Fernandes and three Man City players through blank GW29, discounting the second keeper means playing a maximum of only nine players anyway in GW29, which will be enough for four fixtures. So transitioning to 9 players in blank GW29 won’t be difficult.

– I was initially looking at bench boosting GW25. That would have meant three Leeds players in GW25 when they play twice and I could then wildcard them out when they don’t double in GW26, maxing out on GW26 doublers, taking advantage of injury news right up to the GW26 deadline. But with no 2nd keeper in place and a couple of key injuries, and three West Ham players v Spurs, it really didn’t really work for me to bench boost in GW25. Then add in the risk of Pep rotation with Man City only playing once just days before the Champions League and the bench disappearing in auto subs, it’s too risky. I prefer bench boosting when City play twice, in fact when all my starting eleven play twice, and the bench are more likely to stay put. So bench boosting in the biggest double gameweek makes total sense.

The Leeds United conundrum:

– My biggest dilemma remains Leeds United . I would like three Leeds in GW25 as they play twice, but I don’t want three Leeds in GW26 when they don’t double. And that compromises my bench boost. Do I get three this week, still bench boost three single game Leeds players in GW26, plus a doubling keeper. Do I transfer out a Leeds player after GW25 to have just two in GW26. In which case is it just best to run with two in GW25. Bench boosting GW26 gives me the security of all four bench players counting, and one or two returns still gets me a reasonable return.

So what does my current wildcard draft look like ?

Fantasy Premier League GW25 teams

– I haven’t actually made sweeping changes to my squad but enough to make it work for me and attack the blanks and doubles more effectively.

– Out go my three West Ham players, who play Spurs in GW25, don’t double in GW26 and have tricky fixtures. But they might be back for blank GW29. I am quite pleased to get Soucek out and Raphina in. I finally got on Antonio just in time for his injury, so he is quickly out too !! Justin was injury enforced which is a shame as Leicester have great fixtures.

– The focus is high on Leeds as they double in GW25 and play in GW29, so with Villa and Spurs also likely doubling in GW26 and playing in GW29, thats a core of players that provide a base for the blank GW29. Bamford and Raphina promise much v wolves and Southampton. Bamford is a likely captain favourite.

– I am happy to pair up Kane and Son. Spurs have not been at their best, but they are a dream team, they have great fixtures and we all know how they assist each other !!

– My initial thoughts are to actually play Danny Ings in GW25 , not Kane, so that both Ings and Bamford have a double gameweek. I would then switch Ings to Kane in GW26 when he will be a heavy captain choice. I am on Kane now but will likely switch to Ings for GW25 and flip onto Kane in GW26. That does of course mean a points hit if I also go with three Leeds in GW25 and take one out in GW26. Not ideal.

– I will play 352 in GW25 and start Raphina, benching Ollie Watkins, although if Gundogan is still injured, Watkins would play. Watkins has a double in GW26 and games in hand. I love watching him play and he is a saving on Grealish.

– My defence is the least settled choices. I want to continue my three way rotation to support my two Man City defenders. I want three defenders who are likely to play twice in GW26 and have reasonable fixtures beyond it. Two if I stick with Dallas. But these extra defenders are probably the ones who will give way ahead of GW29 to say Brighton or West Ham defenders who play in GW29 and represent great value from solid defences. I am on Rudiger and Konsa ( Villa also play GW29 ) but that could equally be Lowton and Shaw.

– It’s a very restrictive period too where I will need to show patience in my players, as there won’t be the spare transfers to make radical changes to reflect in form and out of form players. I need to trust my core players.

GW25 team:

The effective changes in the wildcard so far are:

McCarthy in Pope out

Konsa in Coufal out

Rudiger in Justin out

Raphina in Soucek out

Ings in Cavani out

Watkins in Antonio out

Staying put are:  Martinez, Dias, Cancelo, Dallas, Gundogan, Son, Fernandes, Salah and Bamford

– Currently on Bamford as captain for the Leeds double gameweek.

– I could field up to five GW25 doublers and pair up Ings and Bamford who both play twice in a 352, switching to Kane in GW26 with funds available

– McCarthy I am not set on . It depends on if Southampton have a confirmed double in GW26.

Good luck with whatever you put in place. Think about what’s best for your team, make a plan and stick to it, and hope you come out of the other end in a good place !!!

Transfer summary:  on wildcard

See the latest draft above

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

GW24 points: 70 -4   (FPL average 61) Total points: 1,488, Overall Rank: 278k, red arrow 98k.  Team Value: £104.4m

 Costas has used his Triple Captain Chip

 Follow Costas on twitter here

Took a bit of a beating with a 98k red arrow. Back to GW19 rank…. Thats what you get when a popular captain hauls and you don’t own him and your captain just gives an assist. It is what it is. Every time I try to have fun and go against the template this year it ends badly.

Last year after GW24 I was at 303k and finished 17k… I am 278k now and  don’t feel very confident of a repeat to be honest but I am hoping for a top 50k finish.

Transfer already made Werner out Kane in. I still have WC, FH and BB but wont play any this week. I cant play the wildcard without knowing the fixtures and so my bench boost next week wont be optimal. I am also not playing my FH in GW29 as I have already a good amount of players playing then and with transfers I can even get to 11. Hence WC will be played GW30 and free hit probably BGW33.

I have some lineup headache this week. The Fulham boys play Sheffield United at home. I was sooooo unlucky not to get a return from them and so I think points are coming. I am benching Stones for Maguire who has a better fixture and also benching Grealish. Grealish and Villa haven’t been performing lately and Lookman and Decordova-Reid have a better fixture. Hope this decision doesn’t blow up in my face again. Would have loved to start Charlie Taylor but Cancelo and Dallas wont be dropped and still think United have better odds of keeping a CS.

Captain will be Bamford

Transfer Summary:  Werner out Kane in

Here’s the team with the transfer already made

Fantasy Premier League GW25 teams

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