Fantasy Premier League team tips GW20 – FFG Contributors 4 |

Here’s our article where 4 FFGeek Contributors with their fantasy premier league team tips GW20.  Each show their GW20 teams.   There’s Harry Vernon, Costas Chari, Ben Wooton and Rob Cosgrove

Fantasy Premier League team tips GW20 – 4 FFGeek Contributors teams part 4

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This is part 4 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It won’t cover transfers in real time either. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.  The teams are shown as their “final-ish” teams so they could change.  Where they have twitter accounts I have shown this and they may update them there or on our Slack Channel which is part of our subscription Patreon site but this is not guaranteed

There’s also

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Harry Vernon

Harry Vernon’s last 4 seasons are 22k, 6k, an incredible 224th and 6k

GW19 points: 102 -4 on triple captain  (FPL average 74), Total points: 1,212, Overall Rank: 46k,  red arrow:  1k,  Team Value: £103.3m

Harry has used his Free Hit Chip and Triple Captain Chip

Follow Harry on twitter here

Transfer summary:   Vardy to Antonio

Bruno Fernandes (c)

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

GW19 points: 124 -4 on triple captain  (FPL average 74), Total points: 1,156, Overall Rank: 272k,  green arrow:  261k,  Team Value: £103.5m

Costas has used his Triple Captain Chip

Follow Costas on twitter here

Half the season done and luckily I finished it with a OR halved gameweek. 124-4 is phenomenal, a gameweek I have been waiting for a while now. I actually set the goal at 120 this week and it was spot on.

Sterling TC was the winner against the bench boosts and other TC options in De Bruyne, Salah and Vardy. I trusted my gut and it paid out.

I now have 4 injuries to navigate so another hit the 10th of the season is happening. De Bruyne, Vardy, Tierney and Taylor. I wont get a hit for a defender so its De Bruyne and Vardy out. I still haven’t decided yet. Probably going to be Son and Werner although I wanted Rashford to be honest. I will tweet, waiting for the presser.

Captain. Sticking with Sterling. I know Bruno Fernandes’ effective ownership will be off the roof but I do feel that Sterling will outscore him so I am going Sterling. You guys know me by now that I hate playing the game safe.

Good luck

Transfer summary:  De Bruyne and Vardy out.  Probably Son and Werner in

Here’s the team prior to the transfers taking place:

fantasy premier league team tips GW20

Ben Wooton

Ben’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 5k, 61k, 26k and 31k. 

GW19 points: 84 -4   (FPL average 74), Total points: 1,112, Overall Rank: 686k,  red arrow:  111k,  Team Value: £104.8m

Ben has used his Free Hit Chip

Poor week for me with no Stones 🙁

My move this week Adams out for Antonio.

I can afford a drop on De Bruyne so will pass that move until next week and will likely get Son I feel to cover Spurs options. Pity that Spurs play last though but will keep an eye out and aim to wait.

I’d still like Stones, maybe for Coufal but will bench him this week and see how it goes.

Cap Bruno Fernandes vice Antonio

transfer summary:  Adams out for Antonio.

Here’s the team with the transfer completed

fantasy premier league team tips GW20

Rob Cosgrove

Rob’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 64k, 45k, 40k and 23k

GW19 points: 99   (FPL average 74), Total points: 1,038, Overall Rank: 1,883k,  green arrow:  402k,  Team Value: £102.9m

Rob has used his Free Hit Chip

A good week in DGW19! My transfer of Gundogan was a great success and helped my rank as I did not own Dias who scored the same. Antonio looks to have rediscovered his form pre-injury and Coufal continues to contribute points. Poor showing from captain Salah and the Leeds boys the only negative, Salah not starting cost me breaking the 100 point barrier as I finished the game week on 99 points, how annoying!

Onto this week now and I find myself with triple West Ham and triple Leeds! Both have good fixtures this week so not an immediate problem but going forward I need to ditch Harrison and Dallas but keep Bamford. Having both Coufal and Fabianski is not ideal but I can roll with it until the Spurs game in GW25 and bench both in GW21 when they pay Liverpool as I still have Johnstone on the bench who plays Fulham. No plans of taking Antonio out unless his hamstring goes again.

De Bruyne is the obvious problem to fix and I was planning on taking a -4 by taking him out for Maddison and DCL out for Kane, however DCL is fit again and with Vardy injured I don’t know how that’s going to effect Maddison’s output. I don’t think Rogers trusts Ihenacho so if Barnes plays false 9 then I will probably take a punt on him. But I need to wait a week to see how they line up against Everton. I could swap KDB for Sterling but I really want Spurs coverage so Gundogan and Cancelo should be enough from City.

A straight swap of KDB to Son would mean no -4, I get my Spurs coverage and I can hold off the Leicester transfer until I get more information about their performance without Vardy. Plus, they do play Everton this week whereas next week against Leeds is a better entry point.

Due to my team being set up for the DGW bench boost which did not happen in the end I am going to have some bench headaches most weeks now! Do I bench Harrison or DCL? Coufal or Dallas? I’ve even got Holding who has 4 clean sheets in a row!

Captain Bruno but I was tempted to go Gundogan!

transfer summary:  Most likely De Bruyne out for Son in

Here’s the team prior to any transfers taking place

fantasy premier league team tips GW20

FFGeek Contributors League

The highlighted FFGeek contributors combined team finished with an overall rank of 52k last season is going ok in 3rd place with total points of 1,225 and an overall rank of 27k. You can follow that team, including live transfers, on our subscription Patreon site.

You can also follow Joe’s  transfer planner team which finished with an overall rank of 32k last season currently in 20th place with total points of 1,121 and an overall rank of, 577k.

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