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Welcome to the Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues and community competitions round-up after Gameweek 27, which was a minor Double Gameweek.

As well as the two main FFScout Leagues, we also report on the Head-to-Head Leagues, the FFS Cups, Last Man Standing, Pro Pundits, Mods & Cons, the Scout Network and a selection of Community mini-leagues.


League code: 5u05vz
Eligibility: Open to all

Pandin Bruyne has increased his lead at the top of our Fantasy Football Scout mini-league and is now 18 points ahead of Nathan Jobling. Last week’s leader Luka Bubnić scored only 54 and drops to seventh.

49,329 teams are currently participating in this mini-league, with at least five more waiting to be added at the next results update.

It has regained its position as the Best League in FPL, with Pro Pundit Andy LTFPL’s mini-league in second place and former Pro Pundit Ash (aka FPLHINTS)’s dropping to third.

Our current top five are all in the top 41 overall. Nadeem Khan triple captained De Bruyne for a Gameweek score of 104.

Pandin has risen to fifth in the world, just 14 points behind Ola Hovde who has held the number one spot since Gameweek 10.


League code: Available on Members and Home pages when signed in.
Eligibility:Open to anyone with a registered FFS account – paid or free.

Ulrik Varela Greve (aka FPL Viking) has regained the lead in our Fantasy Football Scout Community Members mini-league, three points ahead of last week’s leader Nathan Jobling. Ulrik is now 13th overall after Bench Boosting for 111(-8) points. He previously led this mini-league after Gameweek 20, when he was sixth overall.

The table below, courtesy of Mini-League Mate, shows the top 20 leaderboard.

(click on image above to enlarge)

Among the top 20, it’s curious that Ulrik has taken 44 points worth of transfer hits and yet has the lowest squad value. Second-placed Nathan has the highest squad value, emphasizing that there is more than one way to do well at FPL.

Looking at the last column on ‘Team Similarity’, Ulrik’s XV is the most un-template among the mini-league top 20. Rank swings imminent!


Aleksander Våge Nilsen (aka AleksanderVN) is back on top of League 1 after defeating Bruce Savage while his rival, Ville Tuominen (aka Santigold), was losing to Simon Vazquez

Aleksander now has 57 points, three points more than Ville.

Jose Miguel De La Roca Argueta has 72 points out of a possible 78 after winning again in League 8 Division 42. He remains the highest-scoring manager in our head-to-head leagues.

The scores and points totals as they stand for the current Gameweek are updated every night on our main Head-to-Head page.

A fixtures table for the following Gameweek will be published in The Complete Guide to Scout’s tips and advice ahead of the next deadline. However, if you can’t wait to find out who you are playing next, follow this link. Use your browser’s find in page function (Ctrl+F) to locate managers. 


Gameweek 27 saw the second round of the FFS Open Cup take place.

Two former Open Cup Winners, Leon Harris and Lokomotiv, are through to round three, the latter only winning by a single point (72 to 71), but the other five – donnellyc, A Manager Has No Name, TH14, 2EyedTurk and Philman – were all eliminated.

Other notable managers who qualified for the next round include top-thousand-ranked The Fighting C*ck (377th, whose superior rank saw him through after a 70-70 tie); Pro Pundit Zophar; and Mods & Cons members Geoff and RedLightning.

It was also the first round of the FFS Members Cup.

Last season’s Members Cup-Winner Pep Pig and former Open Cup-Winner Lokomotiv are both through to round two, but the other six former Cup Winners – waltzingmatildas, Malaikat Jahad, rrcmc, donnellyc, MCH and Powell – all fell at the first hurdle. 

Joining them among the 256 managers to make it into the next round are A.J. (207th) from the top thousand; Pro Pundits Az and Zophar; Geoff (on superior rank after a 76-76 tie), Meltens, RedLightning and Rotations Alter Ego from the Mods & Cons; TedTalksFPL (on superior rank after a 91-91 tie) from the Scout Network; and the reigning Head-to-Head Champion Bouncebackability.


The safety score for Gameweek 27 in TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing competition was 60, which saw another 83 managers removed.

In total there were 4,557 entries to this year’s competition and just 397 go through to Gameweek 28, when the elimination threshold will rise to 18%.

The highest score was a Bench Boosted 120(-4) by James Clarke. This is his tenth season, finishing 1,463rd in 2013/14. He is currently 61,418th overall.

You are able to keep tabs on the action throughout the season via Ragabolly’s website Live FPL.


Andy LTFPL is still the highest ranked of our Pro Pundits and is now 638th overall, 50 points ahead of FFScout founder Mark Sutherns. Tom Freeman’s (aka avfc82) Bench Boosted 114 was the highest Pro Pundit score of the Gameweek.

Andy also remains at the summit of the FFS Mods & Cons mini-league, increasing his lead over Jack Penn (aka ZoumasBloomers) to 17 points.

Live FPL creator Mohamed Ragab (aka Ragabolly) has doubled his lead over Babis Kokkinis of FPL Greece to two points in the Fantasy Football Scout Network mini-league (which is for the Scout Network and includes six of our Pro Pundits), despite slipping a few places to 8,696th overall.


Phil Olorenshaw is still top of four of our ‘Top’ mini-leagues and has risen again to 131st overall.

He is 15 points ahead of Jan Kępski in my Top 10k Any Season mini-league (league code: 8kcvzq) and also in PDM’s Top 1k ANY season mini-league (league code: 2agvvx).

In Chaballer’s Hall of Fame >Top 1k< mini-league (league code: mr8dyh) Phil has extended his lead over Paul Strange (aka dilbert) to 28 points, and in my Multiple Top 10k Finishes mini-league (league code: 8t42p6) he has opened up a 43-point gap to John Forshaw.

Killingholme Clay has regained the lead in the Top 100 Any Season mini-league (league code: xptbn4) and is now 14,118th overall. He’s 15 points ahead of Richard Scoular and 16 ahead of both Paul Mahoney and last week’s leader Sakari Uutela.

Meanwhile, 2009/10 Champion Jon Reeson (aka Westfield Irons) has regained the lead in Simon March’s FPL Champions League and is two points ahead of last week’s leader, and reigning FPL Champion, Joshua Bull.

Jon previously led the mini-league after Gameweek 18. There are now just eight points covering the top four.


Charles Richter tops Greyhead’s The Next Great and The Good mini-league for a second Gameweek and is 13 points ahead of Sng Junyang despite slipping a few places to 1,997th overall.

After a long chase, Sng Junyang has at last succeeded in reeling in long-time leader Andy Short in Skooldaze’s FPL Vets 2006 or before mini-league, opening up a 36-point lead for himself. Currently 3,650th overall, his best previous finish was 3,300th in 2018/19.

John Forshaw still leads my January to May League (league code h62bh1), 17 points ahead of Josh Elderfield. He has risen from 118k to 1,435th overall since the league started scoring in Gameweek 17.

And finally, if anyone fancies joining a new league for the last quarter of the season, The Last Ten (league code w4430n) will start scoring in Gameweek 29.

The last ten Gameweeks are normally a period during which most of the big double and blank Gameweeks occur – and many chips are played. This, of course, is not a normal season, but nevertheless over 300 teams (most of them carried over from last year) are already awaiting the start.


To join a featured mini-league that you are eligible for, simply enter the League code in the ‘Join private league‘ section on the FPL site.

Any questions relating to community competitions please email [email protected] or comment below this article.

Finally, many thanks to TopMarx for his additions and improvements.

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