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Here’s my season FPL season review 20/21 where I review my FPL season after the 17k overall rank finish

FPL Season Review 20/21 – The FFGeek Team Review

My last 5 seasons overall ranks now are 17k, 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k.

I’m doing a series of FPL strategy articles on the FFGeek Patreon site on how I play the game which I will turn into a PDF Ebook for those people who stay in June and July who want a copy.

A quick GW38 review

GW38 points: 62 (FPL average 49) Total points 2,472, Overall Rank: 17k, green arrow 1k.  Team Value: £103.2m

Here’s the points:

So a surprisingly good end to the season with a 1k green arrow to 17k. 17 seems to be either a lucky number or a number scarily following me?

If you read my GW38 team selection article you’ll recall I was all doom and gloom due to the number of negative rank altering players I didn’t have in my team. There was also my lack of bench which I thought would end up with either not enough players playing or there were enough players with a Holgate negative points present.

In the end Vydra coming off the bench saved me from the negative Holgate points as Holding crucially started as Luiz ended up as a no show.

It’s funny how things can work out. I kept Fernandes in my team only because I was afraid of his potential impact at home to Fulham in GW37 even though I thought he wouldn’t play in GW38. Afterwards I had a “no returners regret” and thought I had made the wrong decision. That was made more pointed by his 4 point performance against Fulham. It shouldn’t have even been 4 points as he was credited with an assist even he thought he didn’t make

However that decision to keep him allowed me to make the switch to Mane who, quite frankly, saved my gameweek with 16 points and got me a green arrow when it should have been a big red one.

Season review

Firstly here’s my gameweek history

FPL Season Review 20/21
FPL Season Review 20/21

I seem to have a problem with the first 10 gameweeks and at GW9 I was 1.89 million overall rank.

I then managed to edge my way to 868K before I had 3 what I call “rank halving” gameweeks in 4 weeks which took me to 868k to 135k.

I then edged my way to 32k in GW31 before the 4th and last “rank halving” gameweek took me to 18k which I basically yoyoed around for the rest of the season.

So 4 gameweeks really defined my season although my edging forward between GW19 and GW31 was undoubtedly helpful.

Luckily for me I only know 1 way of playing FPL so I wasn’t phased at being 1.89 million in GW9 as I just had to stick with my strategy and if necessary go down with the strategy ship as it were. At that stage I was getting alot of “feedback” in the comments section of the site but getting to 17k to me shows that there’s no need to change strategy in a bad run and you only need a few really good gameweeks to get a good overall rank.

That’s not great for Head to Head leagues though as I finished 14th in the FFGeek H2H league despite being 5th in total points.

The FPL statistico comparison with the Contributor tracker team

Here’s a schedule which compares my scores with the Contributor tracker team in various areas.

I ended up with a 17k OR. The Contributor tracker team is posted only on the FFGeek Patreon site and had a much smoother ride being 429k at GW9 compared to my 1.89 million at the same stage.

The schedule is from the FPL Statistico site

FPL Season Review 20/21
FPL Season Review 20/21

So actually the stats are pretty similar which is probably no surprise given the mere fact that it is the Contributor Tracker team implies it will be template driven

The tracker team left less points on the bench but I did try and have a strong bench which may have been a factor.

I did better on defenders but the tracker team had better forwards.

Apart from that The Tracker team did better with Kane overall than I did

Hope you found that interesting.

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