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Here’s our article where 4 FFGeek Contributors with their FPL team tips DGW25.  Each show their DGW25 teams.  There’s Alex Ball, Rob Reid, Stephen Troop and Avishek Majumdar


FPL team tips DGW25 – 4 FFGeek Contributors teams part 3

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This is part 3 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It won’t cover transfers in real time either. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.  The teams are shown as their “final-ish” teams so they could change.  Where they have twitter accounts I have shown this and they may update them there or on our Slack Channel which is part of our subscription Patreon site but this is not guaranteed

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Alex Ball

Alex’s last 6 seasons overall rank were 312k, 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k

GW24 points:  93  (FPL average 61) Total points: 1,590, Overall Rank: 14k, green arrow 2k,  Team Value: £104.8m

 Alex has used his Free Hit Chip and his Bench Boost Chip

Follow Alex on twitter here

Transfer summary:  Likely Ings and Bamford in.  Calvert Lewin and Antonio out

Here’s the team prior to the transfers being made:

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW24 points:  89  (FPL average 61) Total points: 1,556, Overall Rank: 48k, green arrow 1k,  Team Value: £107.0m

 Rob has used his Free Hit Chip and his Triple Captain Chip

Follow Rob on twitter here

Listen to Rob on this weeks FPL FFGeek Podcast

DGW24 review

An ok gameweek in the end where I held ground after flirting with initially a big green and then a small red arrow. The double gameweek fizzled out a bit as major players missed out through injury in the second game and clean sheets were progressively wiped out; but I’m happy to take 89 points in the end. Gundogan brought home nearly half my score in the end so I’m pleased to get this decision right and there were also returns for Pope, Coufal (it so should have been more!), Cancelo, Salah and Fernandes.

My 1 week punt on Cavani was a bit disappointing in the end and I’m kicking myself a bit that I wasn’t a bit more progressive in my thinking and go for Ings. But we move on and we’ve got some big gameweeks ahead. Here’s what I’m thinking coming up.

DGW25 Team

First up – check out Geek’s analysis of the blanks/doubles for what could or is likely to happen with the upcoming fixtures. As of 9am Friday morning when I write this, nothing is set in stone yet though for GW26 onwards.

Based on this, my plan is probably still to play my Wildcard this week and Bench Boost in GW26, but I’m still not 100% sure and the lack of fixture announcements this week has left me a bit frustrated. Ideally, I wanted these to be announced before committing to anything. I’m still 80% sure I’ll Wildcard as it does look very likely there will be double next gameweek, providing the prime opportunity to Bench Boost but I’ll quickly give a plan for what I’ll do if I don’t Wildcard this week.

No Wildcard would mean I’d take a -4 this week and put Raphinha in for Soucek and Ings in for either of Antonio or Cavani depending on what the Pressers say in this regard. If I don’t Wildcard, I’ll then likely try and hold it until GW30 as I can get a fairly decent number of doublers out for GW26 with another points hit or 2, and then limp through to GW29 with a chance to field around 9 players in the blank. I’d then Wildcard in GW30 ready for the fixture swing in GW31 and remaining blanks and doubles. I’d use my Bench Boost somewhere in those remaining weeks post-Wildcard.

So why should I Wildcard you ask? A few reasons – first up, I’ve got no Spurs or Leicester players. For Spurs, I’d like at least Harry Kane and possibly Son for the double in 26 and to carry me through to GW29 where they will probably have a fixture shoehorned in. For The Foxes, they’re in good form and also have some nice fixtures coming up so I’d like 1 or 2 from Ricardo, Barnes, Maddison and Vardy.

Wildcarding would also give me the chance to rejig my other assets somewhat. I’ve got a few players with red and yellow flags at the moment and 3 West Ham players who now face a tricky run of fixtures before they swing back to green around GW31. I could bring in players with extra fixtures in the short term and then have a more fixed plan for subs across GW27-29 to help me manage the smaller doubles and blank fixtures.

So with that in mind here’s what I’m looking at if I Wildcard.

Core players – I’ve quickly arrived at a core of players I’ll keep from my original squad: Martinez, 2 City defenders (though I might downgrade one to Stones for extra funds) , Salah, Fernandes, Gundogan (fitness permitting) and Bamford. That’s 6 possibly 7 players. So 8 I’d like to change – not a bad reason to Wildcard I guess.

In terms of coming in, I think Kane is at the top of my shopping list. There was some talk of injury preventing him travelling for the Europa League game, but this seems to have been put to bed and it looks like he’s just managing his own return so I expect him to be fit and heavily captained in GW26. He’s in. I’m also going to need a second keeper. I don’t want to break the bank here so I’m looking £4.5 max. This is likely to be Areloa, even though he doesn’t necessarily have a GW26 double – I’m not too worried about this as his single fixture is ok and it does give me a back-up for GW29 in case anything happens to Martinez.

Next up, fill the midfield. I’ve got 2 spots here – Raphinha gets 1 in the short-term for the GW25 double and he’ll be a booked Transfer Out for GW26. It then comes down to do I want Son or not. I’ve put him in initially as it gives me a degree of rank protection, but I am considering going without as the extra money gives me more flexibility initially though he does give me the advantage of an extra GW29 player in theory.

Now filling in the gaps. I’ve got Watkins in the 3rd striker spot for a double in 26 and the blank in 29. I’d have liked Ings here though and this still an option be downgrading Son. At the back the gaps are filled by Konsa (same reasons as Watkins), Taylor (cheap filler) and White (only a single GW but good fixtures, gametime secure and plays in GW29.) This gives me in theory 12 doublers with a booked transfer in GW26 of Raphinha to Barnes taking this to 13 for my Bench Boost. At GW26, I’m also sitting on 7 GW29 players so with the 3 remaining transfers I can get to 10, injury permitting. I hope this all makes sense!

Back to this week and obviously my team selection will be dictated by my final decision on my Wildcard. For Captain, I’ll probably go Bamford though there are lots of good options this week. All the best everyone – expect a team from me on Twitter around 30 minutes before tonight’s 630pm deadline. Good luck!

Transfer summary:  either Raphinha and Ings for Soucek and Cavani or Wildcard

Here’s the NON wildcard team with the transfers assumed:

FPL team tips DGW25

Here’s a possible wildcard team:

FPL team tips DGW25

Stephen Troop

Stephen’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 86k, 43k, 52k and 64k

GW24 points:  95  (FPL average 61) Total points: 1,554, Overall Rank: 52k, green arrow 11k,  Team Value: £106.2m

 Stephen has used his Free Hit Chip 

Follow Stephen on twitter here

GW24 review

Points – 95 and a rank change of 63k to 52k
The good – Gundo captain
The bad – DCL no show, double AVL attack who didn’t look like ever scoring. Martinez outscoring Pope.

GW25 review

Note these plans are written as of Friday morning. If any further news about the doubles comes out things may change.

Plan was always to make the most out of a DGW26 bench boost. Therefore I’m likely holding my FT and next week transferring out Bamford for Kane and Soucek for Jorginho with 2FT. I’ll then take a -4 to replace KWP who is now injured again, which is unfortunate given SOU have a DGW this week and potential for more in the near future.

I really want one of the Leicester midfielders (Barnes/Maddison) for the double but I would need further surgery/hits or a wildcard. It’s not out the question but unlikely.

I also could get rid of Soucek this week for Raphina (doubles this week) or JWP (doubles this week and potentially further DWs soon). If SOU get an (unlikely) DGW26 in addition to DGW25 then this would be a likely move and mitigate a lot of my risk with yellow flags. I’d have a benching headache if I do this though with Watkins/Grealish having to be benched, and SOU fixtures for the doubles aren’t great.

Captain is Bamford currently. 2 benching dilemmas. One is whether to play Shaw or Stones but Shaw has a great fixture with potential for attacking and defensive returns so he gets the nod. Second is Pope or Martinez. Bringing in Pope a few weeks ago hasn’t gone well as I’ve left a lot of Martinez points on the bench since and I need to make that decision again. I’d expect Leicester to score so again I’ve risked Pope in net.

Good luck all

transfer summary:  carrying over a free transfer

Here’s the team, assuming no transfer is made

FPL team tips DGW25

Avishek Majumdar

Avishek’s last 3 seasons are 13k, 45k and 64k

GW24 points:  108  (FPL average 61) Total points: 1,530, Overall Rank: 103k, green arrow 74k,  Team Value: £105.1m

 Avishek has used his Free Hit Chip 

Planning to use 2 free transfers:

Antonio to Ings
Soucek to Raphinha

Raphinha will come in to the 11 in place of either Lowton or Stones.

Captaincy will most likely be on Bamford although Ings and Raphinha are also good options.

Cheers and good luck!

transfer summary:  Antonio out to Ings in, Soucek out to Raphinha in

Here is the team prior to the transfers.

FPL team tips DGW25

FFGeek Contributors League

The highlighted FFGeek contributors combined team finished with an overall rank of 52k last season is going ok in 2nd place with total points of 1,591 and an overall rank of 13k. You can follow that team, including live transfers, on our subscription Patreon site.

You can also follow Joe’s  transfer planner team which finished with an overall rank of 32k last season currently in 20th place with total points of 1,453 and an overall rank of, 515k.

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FPL team tips DGW25

FPL team tips DGW25

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