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Here’s our article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their FPL teams GW28. There’s Andrew Whitfield, Rob Reid, Costas Chari and Sergio Torija


FPL teams GW28 – 4 FFGeek Contributors teams part 1

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This is part 1 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It won’t cover transfers in real time either. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.  The teams are shown as their “final-ish” teams so they could change.  Where they have twitter accounts I have shown this and they may update them there or on our Slack Channel which is part of our subscription Patreon site but this is not guaranteed

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 132k last season and 6k in 18/19 and 19k in 17/18

GW27 Points:  70   (FPL average 60) Total points: 1,820, Overall Rank: 17k, red arrow:  1k Team Value: £106.0m

Andrew has used all of his Chips

Follow Andrew on twitter here

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Well plenty of talking points as always. Man City’s run of 16 successive wins was ended by neighbours United, Liverpool lurch from bad to worse, Chelski are becoming the iron curtain defence and Gareth Bale is muscling in on that special Kane Son relationship !!!

– King Harry won the battle of the popular captains, outscoring the Man City boys from one game less, although De Bruyne ran him close. Salah continues to frustrate and test the most patient of managers.

My GW27 score and rank:

– 70 points was a pretty average week in and around my rank. Just 5/11 returners but I owned the popular ones of Kane (19), Fernandes (10), Martinez (7), with captain Gundogan (20) scoring in the second game of the double. So a steady one at least.

– I slipped slightly in rank, down from 16k to 17k, but after 18/20 green arrows previously and a hefty rise from 46k last week, I am happy to escape and pretty much hold my position.

My GW27 talking points:

– I left 14 Luke Shaw points at last sub, which I am ok with as I was never going to play him above my doubling Man City defenders or Rudiger. It was City away and it was his first goal for about two years, although the signs had been there recently. Rudiger missed out but it was Dallas I chose ahead of him as first defender auto sub. Those Shaw points the difference between an average week and a great week.

– Man City seemed to be at the heart of my frustration this week. Gundogan got his goal which was good, but he was looking worryingly deeper v Southampton. De Bruyne and Mahrez racked the points up and I don’t own them. But significantly, Cancelo and Stones scored one point each and played only once each in a double gameweek !! If they are sitting games out regularly and Cancelo is no longer delivering on his price, that gives me lots to ponder with two City defenders and I don’t own the most nailed one in Dias. City were seemingly impregnable in defence but have now also conceded in five of the last six.

– Kane and Son delivered me 24 points between them, but Son only managed a solitary assist in a 4-1 win. Gareth Bale is the man of the moment, with hauls in two of his last three games. Is he impacting on Son ? I am still firmly in the Kane and Son camp but it’s thrown a conundrum into the mix. The triple up is gathering momentum too, although three Spurs attackers is too rich for me.

– There was a popular loss of faith in Bruno Fernandes last week, ahead of his trip to City. But my patient style meant I kept the faith and was rewarded with a goal. There is an even bigger frenzy for Salah sales this week, after four successive blanks, especially with Liverpool losing their way and the reminders from Bale and De Bruyne. But Salah is another example of my loyalty to my premium players. I firmly believe Liverpool will be back, Salah will be central to that. I fancy him for a couple of goals v Wolves, especially after he scored in the Champions League on Wednesday. Salah stays.

– Bamford and Watkins continue to do what they do best. Miss great chances, although in the case of Watkins, the cross bar is his best friend this season. Nobody has hit it more. Both Watkins and Bamford could have hauled big this week. Raphinha owners must be frustrated too as he looks sensational but Bamford is spurning all the good work. Watkins is a mini differential to Calvert Lewin for me. But with Calvert Lewin not scoring in the last six gameweeks, and Watkins playing Newcastle, he stays.

So what next ?

– I have two free transfers and 0.2M in the bank.

– I have now used all my chips, so it’s a very straightforward run in, although I do have a couple of blank gameweeks in GW29 and GW33, that I need to plan for carefully.

– I actually really like my team and don’t see too much I want to change at all. I have a few benching dilemmas but that’s a result of having a strong squad. A strong bench is better than an awful bench, although I would ideally prefer to take some money out of the bench now the bench boost is played, and maximise funds and points in my starting eleven. My front eight I am happy with. The double up on Man City defence does restrict me putting both Rudiger and Shaw on the pitch, if Man City are going to continue conceding and rotating. Ideally I would like to get Dias in too, particularly if I go to just one city defender. If it’s only one, I need Dias.

Blank GW29 planning:

– My primary focus right now though is blank GW29, when only four games are being played. Currently I have seven GW29 players and I don’t have a free hit to navigate it. I am happy to run with nine players in GW29, as going with more could disrupt my squad and mean selling key players like Fernandes and having to pay considerably more to buy them straight back.

– I currently have Kane and Son for Spurs, I have Martinez and Watkins for Villa, and I have Bamford , Raphinha and Dallas for Leeds. I would like to get in a Brighton defender v Newcastle, plus Aubameyang, so I can cover the key popular explosive players of the gameweek.

So my plans from here:

– I have little or no value tied up in Salah. I want to keep him, but my plan is to switch him to Aubameyang for GW29 only and then bring him straight back in GW30. I don’t really want to lose Salah this week, so my Salah to Aubamayang move I will look to do next week.

– I could lose Rudiger this week, flipping him to Veltman of Brighton in preparation for GW29. It’s not ideal because Rudiger plays Leeds who are vulnerable to set pieces. But I fully expect Stones and Cancelo to play after a midweek benching, plus Luke Shaw is the attacking defender in form. So I could cover Rudiger. I am just short of being able to afford Dunk over Veltman. But we saw with the Burnley double gameweek and Lowton, cheaper can be best !! Again I want Rudiger back from GW30. It’s a GW29 punt only.

– I am carrying two transfers. By doing a Brighton defender this week, and Aubameyang next, I plan to still have two transfers carrying into GW30 to get Rudiger and Salah back. It’s tight for funds and other fires could break out, but I could always take a -4 in GW30 if they do, or downgrade my 2nd keeper if I need the funds, with bench boost out the way and Martinez set and forget.

– I could burn the transfer this week and do both Rudiger and Salah next week, and play a 442 this week with Rudiger, benching Leeds players, but I lose that flexibility of two transfers in GW30 which I see as most important.

– I could keep Rudiger and switch Shaw out instead and that gets me Dunk instead of Veltman. But Shaw is the star attacking defender right now.

– I could keep both Shaw and Rudiger and lose Cancelo to Dunk, going through with the switch to one City defender. I could then keep Dunk and just about get Stones to Dias from GW30 which is a definite plan. I can see the heavily owned Cancelo playing and punishing me if I do. But that moves ticks a lot of boxes if I get Stones on his own this week and Dias only instead from GW30.

Lots to ponder !!

My GW28 team:

– Captain will be tricky, Bruno Fernandes v Westham is a solid option but United are missing key attackers, and the Hammers are the team in form. I like Kane v Arsenal. I favour those over a Man City player at Fulham. Currently thinking Kane but I will be checking the polls closely.

Good luck everyone !!!!

Transfer Summary:

– Possibly Rudiger to Veltman, but Cancelo to Dunk still possible. I will put my final team up on Twitter on Friday.

Here is the team BEFORE any changes.

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW27 Points:  70   (FPL average 60) Total points: 1,804, Overall Rank: 30k, red arrow:  2k Team Value: £106.6m

Rob has used all of his Chips

Follow Rob on twitter here

GW27 review

A slightly disappointing mini-double gameweek in the end, only a small red arrow but 30 points on the bench and a very strong feeling about what could have been. To be fair, I was never going to start Luke Shaw against City so I’m not too down on missing out on his 14 points, but I got the 50/50 call on Veltman vs Konsa wrong, costing me 5 points and ultimately the green arrow. And I’m also slightly regretting going Son over Bale – again it cost me this week, but on paper it looked the more sensible move. We’ll see how it pans out over the next few weeks, but what I will say is that it is fantastic seeing the Welsh maestro back in form again – he’s a player who’s great fun to watch.

It was 5/11 returns in the end. Martinez did what Martinez does – though Areola on my bench did outscore him by a point (again no regrets here when you consider the fixtures.) The other returners were Son, Bruno, Captain Gundogan and a bumper haul from Kane. The disappointments were most notably the City defence (more on them later), Calvert Lewin (who looks to have forgotten from his early season goal frenzy) and Bamford (looks to be regressing back to the mean as we worried we might.)

So onwards to GW28 with the spectre of the big blank GW29 on the horizon. Looks like a couple of tricky weeks ahead then….

GW28 Team

1FT and £0.3m on the bank.

Heads are turned now towards the big blank next week and I currently sit on 7 players for the blank with this week and next week’s transfers in hand. My plan this week therefore is to carry my free transfer, giving me 2 for GW29 which I’ll then use on players who play that week. In terms of impending Transfers Out, Calvert-Lewin looks to be first on the chopping block. He looks a long way off his early season fireworks, spending much of his last couple of games either stuck out on the flanks or dropping into the hole to try and hold up play. He doesn’t seem to be getting into scoring positions, comprehensively failing the eye test for me in these last 2 fixtures. He does have one more week in my team though and Burnley at home is a good fixture. The Clarets are coughing up a lot of big chances at the moment so hopefully there will be something for him in this match, but I don’t think it will be enough to keep him in my team beyond that.

My other GW29 transfer is likely to be to sell Cancelo. He was terrible in the Manchester derby, with United exposing his defensive shortcomings hopelessly until he was subbed just after the hour. I fear he’ll be regularly rotated now, so GW29 looks a good time to hop off the wagon. It also is with half an eye on GW33 where both City and Spurs blank – I currently have 5 players from these 2 teams, so I’ll need to lose a minimum of 2 before this week and this looks a prime opportunity to shed one.

In terms of who comes in, the striker replacements for Calvert Lewin are fairly limited with Watkins and Antonio top of my list. Defensively, there’s a bit more choice but I suspect it will be a West Ham player. I might get Coufal back in, but Dawson is showing good goal threat at a slightly cheaper price. However, that being said there is a £5.8m West Ham defender who has 10 assists this season and is the highest scoring defender in the game at the moment and the 10th highest scoring player overall. Is there a reason we’re all overlooking a certain Aaron Cresswell?!

A little diversion to Mo Salah

The other major talking point this week is about Mo Salah. How long can we hang on to a player at this price who just simply isn’t returning and is playing in a team who are in such terrible form? For me, it’s not a problem for this week, but I think if you’re Wildcarding in GW30 or 31 then selling this week to test the water is a viable option as you’ve got an easy buyback later on and if you bring in say Bale for example, you’re getting an extra fixture too. What I would say is that this is Mo Salah. He still has 17 goals this season and is the leading scorer in the league. He is explosive, loves a double-digit haul and can return against anyone. What I would also say is that if you’re selling now, you need to look at Liverpool’s fixtures from GW30 – apart from facing United in GW34, they are superb. Surely they have to rediscover their mojo again soon?

Back to this week anyhow, and team selection dilemmas again! I’m nervously going into the week with double Villa and double City defence and my Leeds duo on the bench against a Chelsea defence that looks well organised and a system that looks well geared to nullify Leeds attacking style. Veltman is in the third bench spot for a trip away to a Southampton team that are starting to find their goal touch again (cue double-figure return from Joel knowing my luck!)

Captain choice

Captain is a tough one this week. I’m interested to see what happens when Geek’s captain poll. I think Bruno will be strongly backed, but I’m nervous about his fixture against a resolute Hammers defence. I can see arguments for Captaining several players this week, but at the moment my gut says to go with the in-form player in my team and that is Harry Kane. North London derby matches can be difficult to predict, but the Gunners have a tricky away fixture to Olympiacos to negotiate first while Spurs game versus Dinamo Zagreb is at home. Add to this the fact that Harry Kane seems to love playing Arsenal – he’s got 11 goals in 12 games in the Premier League against The Gunners. Let’s hope his good run continues!

So that’s me for this week. I’ll try and post a confirmed team on Twitter on Friday lunchtime, but I am working that day so there is a chance I might not be able to. Either way, remember it’s a Friday deadline this week and good luck folks – I hope you enjoy the matches!

transfer summary:  likely carrying over the free transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfers are made:

fpl teams GW28

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

GW27 Points:  72 -4   (FPL average 60) Total points: 1,734, Overall Rank: 188k, red arrow:  10k Team Value: £104.3m

Costas has used all of his Triple Captain Chip and his Bench Boost Chip

Follow Costas on twitter here

Listen to Costas on the FFGeek Podcast talking about FPL and Chip strategy

Well that was a roller-coaster gameweek. Sitting on a nice 55k green arrow only to be turned into a 10k red because Pep benched and did not start any of the City 3 players I own. And this was the 2nd time all 3 of my City players were benched without even a sub appearance.

If I hadn’t given Kane the armband the gameweek would have been catastrophic!!!

Anyway, its a kind of season that something rarely something works out. I’ve been struggling to gain rank and being at 188k might not be too bad. I’ve had a lot of bad beats although I still have my Free Hit and Wildcard so that gives me hope.

As outlined on the FFGeek pod this week I am bringing in Dunk for Taylor this gameweek and Aubameyang the next to give me 11 playing in gw29.

I do not have any lineup issues luckily.. My City trio benching against Southampton gives me confidence that they will play vs Fulham. I am even thinking of captaining Sterling for a nice goodbye. Pep said that when there aren’t so many fixtures he wont rotate as much and players who perform will be starting. After the Mahrez and Foden heroics Sterling has to impress next time he plays.

If not Sterling its going to be Kane or Bruno… Ill tweet my final captaincy pick

Transfer summary;  Dunk in Charlie Taylor out

Here’s the team with the transfer made:

fpl teams GW28

Sergio Torija

Sergio’s last 4 seasons were 2k, 596k, 17k and 21k

GW27 Points:  73   (FPL average 60) Total points: 1,647, Overall Rank: 750k, green arrow:  39k Team Value: £103.6m

Sergio has used all of his Triple Captain Chip, Wildcard and his Bench Boost Chip

Prior to the extra game between Man City and Southampton, it was looking like a bad week for my team except Foden (my captain) delivered and saved it to deliver an ok green arrow.   It was alot to expect for someone who hasn’t even started the last 3. Once more, the week could have easily been a massive one with the right bench/captain decisions.  Shaw was first on the bench and Kane only as vice. The story of my season. My transfer of Fernandes to Son didn’t work out well either in this initial week of the move, but hoping that it will still pay off over the next two.

Looking at GW28, I am again not overly clear on captain or who to bench. Currently I’ve got my two Leeds players in there, but might change this.  Certainly, with an eye on the GW29 blanks, I don’t think I need to use a transfer this week, so will be saving.

As for captain, it is looking like a tricky pick, Burnley tend to get destroyed away by the better teams, so I could think of Calvert Lewin, but really are Everton one of those better teams? Plus Calvert Lewin has been disappointing of late. So I think it is the proved and tested Harry Kane vs Arsenal, a fixture in which he has a good scoring record.

Good luck everyone!

Transfer summary;  Carrying over the free transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfer is made;

fpl teams GW28

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fpl teams GW28

fpl teams GW28

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