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We continue our analysis of the newly released 2021/22 Premier League fixture list with a look at which teams rotate well from a Fantasy perspective.

The idea here is to simply find a couple of low-cost Fantasy Premier League assets whose fixtures dovetail, either to offer successive home matches or, at the very least, a prolonged spell of favourable opponents.

For example, rotating Watford and Aston Villa players (as shown in the graphic above) in the first six Gameweeks serves up some appealing home fixtures.

We’re focusing on budget options (and mostly goalkeepers/defenders), mainly because many Fantasy managers will resist benching premium assets.

While we’ve not got the FPL prices for 2021/22 to hand just yet, we can make an educated guess (and keep our fingers crossed, in some cases) as to what some players will be listed as.

In theory, this approach can help maximise the points returns from two low-cost picks – freeing up funds for the premium assets like Mohamed Salah and Bruno Fernandes.

It should be said that the rotation strategy is shunned by some Fantasy managers, as anticipating where a clean sheet or attacking return will come from is often not just as straightforward as picking the player with a home match or ‘better’ fixture.


The Complete Guide to FPL Gameweek 11

We’re not just looking at perfect home/away pairings in this feature but it’s worth a quick glance at what defensive advantage playing on your own turf brings.

Season CS Home % GC Home % CS Away % GC Away %
2013/14 59.05 43.16 40.95 56.84
2014/15 58.93 42.56 41.07 57.44
2015/16 57.21 44.74 42.79 55.26
2016/17 61.21 42.95 38.79 57.05
2017/18 60.18 42.83 39.82 57.17
2018/19 57.49 44.40 42.51 55.60
2019/20 59.42 44.29 40.58 55.71
2020/21 50.45 49.80 49.55 50.20

CS = Clean Sheets
GC = Goals Conceded

The percentage of clean sheets being kept by host teams in a normal season is generally around the 60% mark but that was not the case in 2020/21, with a year of behind-closed-doors games almost completely negating that home advantage.

Should spectators return to stadiums in the upcoming season as planned, then we’d expect to see that slight superiority restored.


There are ten pairings that alternate home fixtures perfectly next season (with thanks to moderator Rotation’s Alter Ego):

Team 1 Team 2
Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur
Aston Villa Chelsea
Brighton and Hove Albion Watford
Burnley Southampton
Brentford Wolverhampton Wanderers
Crystal Palace Newcastle United
Leeds United Norwich City
Leicester City West Ham United
Liverpool Everton
Manchester United Manchester City

Some of the above couplings are decided by geographical proximity, created by the need to spread police resourcing: Liverpool/Everton, Manchester United/Manchester City and Spurs/Arsenal being notable examples.

And a number of these combinations are largely irrelevant when it comes to rotation pairings because of the price tags associated with at least one of the respective clubs’ assets and their ability to score points on the road – Fantasy managers aren’t likely to alternate benchings for Luke Shaw or Ruben Dias simply because they have an away fixture, for example.

So for more realistic pairings, we have to box a little bit more clever.


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