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Here’s our article trying to predict who will be the Premier League’s top goalscorer in the 21/22 season

Who Will Be The Premier League Top Goal Scorer In 21/22?


Firstly to try and assess who will be the 21/22 Premier League’s top goalscorer lets look back on the last 3 seasons top scorers as a point of reference

20/21 season

Kane – 23 goals

Salah – 22

Fernandes – 18

Son – 17

19/20 season

Vardy – 23

Aubameyang – 22

Ings – 22

Sterling – 20

18/19 season

Salah – 22

Aubameyang – 22

Mane – 22

Aguero – 21

The Candidates

Harry Kane

A good place to start for candidates to be the top goalscorer is last seasons top goalscorer. Harry Kane’s incredible 23 goal and 14 assists season was done despite having one of the worlds least progressive and attacking managers in Jose Mourinho for a significant part of the season. 4 penalties in those 23 goals isn’t a distorted amount which would worry you for a repeat and he also didn’t need to massively overperform his expected goals or having a ridiculous shot conversion rate to do so either.

A potential late start to the season given England’s progression in the Euros and his injury record are all potentially limiting factors as are new coach Nuno Espirito Santo’s rather defensive first counter attacking tactics which he will, like last season, have to get over again.

That’s even if he’s at Spurs. He has expressed a desire to move from Spurs and Man City have already bid £100m to get him. Should that go through then only rotation or injury could surely stop him from being the top goalscorer especially given Man City’s penalty troubles meaning he would immediately take them on.

One advantage in staying at Spurs from the Premier League goalscoring point of view is the fact that Spurs are in the Europa Conference League not the Champions League and not even the Europa League. I’d be shocked if Harry Kane played any of these games meaning he will be well rested over the season in comparison to the likes of Mo Salah and Bruno Fernandes who will play in the Champions League.

Despite the neagtives I suspect if you are looking at sports betting odds on football at Vwin you’ll find that Harry Kane is the favourite to be the Premier League’s top goalscorer

Mo Salah

22 goals in 20/21, 19 in 19/20 and 22 in 18/19 is some record.

He surely must be in the running again to be top goalscorer again given his consistency over the last 3 seasons. Now a permanent penalty taker with 6 of his 22 from the spot this is a massive leg up in the contest.

Unlike Kane he will be well rested over the summer having avoided going to the Olympics for Eygpt. Liverpool also have a good fixture run at the start of the season for him to get his form and confidence going. The Champions League will be a distraction but he is pretty much excused the domestic cups and only ended up playing 200 minutes in all competitions more than Kane last season and 90 of those were in the Community Shield which you could count as a pre-season friendly.

Afcon is a potential problem in January 2022 but it seems that Salah could only miss 2 games.

Bruno Fernandes

18 goals from midfield in his first season is some record even if half of them were from the penalty spot. The signing of Jadon Sancho could benefit Fernandes in that he will take away some creative burden and allow Fernandes to concentrate more on goalscoring. He will also give them someone who is naturally right sided with an excellent delivery rather than Greenwood who looks to come inside or James who has an erratic final pass. This should allow Fernandes to take up more central penalty box positions.

Portugal’s relatively early exit from the European Championship should see him get some much needed rest and also start the season on time

However it will be some ask for an attacking midfielder to become the top goalscorer as opposed to a central striker or a wide forward

Sadio Mane

For my 4th option I wanted to put an outside up as a possibility. Preposterous it may seem after an 11 goal season when the talk was about his constant lack of form. However there are factors which could suggest a major improvement at least next season.

Firstly his shots per 90 minutes were well above his previous seasons. However in his 22 goal season he played 300 minutes more. Also last season he significantly underperformed his xG. If he had overshot by the average of his 2 seasons prior to that then we would have seen 18 goals. Add on those 300 minutes less he played than in his 22 goal 18/19 season then you have someone who could be in contention. Indeed his 15% conversion rate is well below an average of players you’d expect at around 22%.

However that’s alot of ifs needed to happen for him to be in contention. However probably the biggest problem is lack of penalty duties. The players who won it the last 3 seasons were all penalty takers and given VAR again this season it seems like it will be harder and harder to do it without that responsibility.

As I said for Salah, Afcon is a potential problem in January 2022 but it seems that Mane could only miss 2 games.

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